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01.05.13  Formula 1 Passion | Leilani Münter Headed to Vegas for Formula E Demo (article is in Italian)
12.22.13  ARCA Racing | News and Notes: 70 Plus Drivers Test Daytona
12.13.13 Huffington Post | It's On: Oil vs Electric (by Leilani Münter)
12.13.13  Current E | Leilani Münter, Meet Formula E
11.12.13  Ozy | Racing for the Environment
08.27.13  Ecorazzi | Leilani Münter To Join Global Protests Against Taiji Dolphin Slaughter
08.26.13  Digital Journal | Eco Racer Leilani Münter To Join AZ Dolphin Activists
08.07.13  Celebrity Vegan Radio | Interview with Fastest "Vegan Shero" on Earth
06.24.13  Sierra Club | Leilani, Sierra Club Join Governor McCrory As He Declares June Solar Month
05.23.13  Huffington Post | Why We Need to Fight for Tesla (by Leilani Münter)
05.22.13  Motor Authority | NASCAR's Leilani Münter Drives Tesla Model S, Goes Activist
05.15.13  Mercy For Animals | Leilani Münter: Vegan Speed Racer!
05.13.13  Sporting News | Leilani Münter Wants NASCAR Fans to Eat Less Meat, Have Some Veggies
04.29.13  The Podium Finish | Behind the Wheel with Leilani Münter
04.27.13  Sierra Club Radio | Leilani Talks with Sierra Club About Her Activism in Racing
04.22.13  VegNews Magazine | Leilani Talks VegNation Race Car in Earth Day Interview
04.20.13  Our Hen House Radio | Hen House Radio Interview: Bringing Vegan to NASCAR
03.21.13  Sierra Club Video | Leilani Münter Endorses Sierra Club's Solar Month Campaign
03.05.13  Rant Sports | Leilani Drives to Make Motorsports Healthier and Raise Global Awareness
02.24.13  Green Heroes | Revvv Your Activist Engines
02.23.13  The Podium Finish | Leilani Talks Daytona, Veggies with The Podium Finish
02.19.13  EcoRazzi | First Ever "VegNation" Race Car To Promote Plant-Based Diet
02.05.13  Earth Day Dallas | Leilani Münter To Speak at Earth Day Dallas
01.16.13  The Aaron Harber Show | Leilani's Interview on the The Aaron Harber Show
12.28.12  Faces of Environmental Change | Leilani Münter: A Face of Environmental Change
11.29.12  Discovery | Vegetarian Hippie Chick Leilani Münter Drives Change with Her Race Car
11.28.12  The Deck Chef | Interview with a Vegetarian Hippie Chick with a Race Car
09.25.12  1% For The Planet | Ambassadors Chase Jarvis, Leilani Münter Mobilize For Dolphins
09.21.12  Mother Board | Drones, Getaway Cars, and Saving the Planet
08.31.12  OPS | Sneak Peak at New Eco Thriller "The Heist" (Leilani and The Cove car are in trailer)
08.31.12  Charlotte Observer | Stop Dolphin Kills, Race Car Driver says
08.30.12  Charlotte Observer | Kal Penn is a Pal of NASCAR, Reveals Favorite Drivers
08.17.12 Video | AOL's You've Got Video Series: Leilani Münter
08.09.12  Creative Loafing | Actor Kal Penn Talks NASCAR at DNC
08.02.12  Rodale | 19 Amazing Green Athletes
07.27.12 | From the Speedway to Earth Day
06.26.12  Code REDD | Leilani Joins Code REDD in Race Against Deforestation
06.22.12  Humane Society of the United States | Fueling Up on Plants: Leilani's Wild Mushroom Risotto
06.04.12  The Ghosts In Our Machine | Leilani Becomes Animal Ambassador For New Film
05.31.12  Earth Justice | Leilani Joins Fight To Save Our Mountains
05.31.12  Earth Justice | Edward Norton, Leilani Join Mountain Heroes Campaign
05.27.12  Kalev: Energy Water Life | Leilani Münter Saving Our Planet One Race At a Time
05.01.12  Origin Magazine | The Racing Misfit: Why This Eco Activist Drives Racecars (by Leilani Münter)
04.23.12  Disruptive Women | Why A Plant Based Diet Will Save the World (by Leilani Münter)
04.22.12  Eco Planet | National Mall Backstage Interview with Leilani at Earth Day
04.22.12  LiveStream Earth Day | Leilani's Earth Day Speech on the National Mall (starts at 43:45 mark)
04.19.12  Treehugger | Top Bloggers Tell Us Their Earth Day Wish
04.18.12  MSN Causes | Saving My Corner of the Planet: How Leilani Münter Turns Polluting Positive
03.16.12  Mercy For Animals | Race Car Driver Touts Planet Based Diet
03.14.12  One Simple Ask | Celebrity Activist Leilani Münter
03.07.12  Care 2 | Female Race Car Driver Talks About Vegetarianism
03.03.12  Livestream The In Crowd | "A Night For the Dolphins" Ric O'Barry 11:50, Leilani 14:22
02.23.12  ARCA Racing | Leilani's "The Cove" Car Voted By Fans As #1 Best Look at Daytona
02.19.12  Dolphin Project | Ric O'Barry: Leilani Races For the Dolphins
02.19.12  Seattle pi | Daytona Race Succeeds in Bringing Awareness to the Plight of Japan's Dolphins
02.19.12  Ecorazzi | Stars to Honor Ric O'Barry in Hollywood
02.19.12  Daytona Beach News Journal | Finishes "Depressing" For Women Drivers
02.18.12  Daytona Beach News Journal | Biologist Takes Passion to ARCA Race
02.17.12  Speedway Media | Leilani Münter Combines Racing and Dolphin Passions
02.17.12  Dolphin Project | Watch Leilani Race For the Dolphins at Daytona
02.15.12  ARCA Racing Video | Interview with Leilani about "The Cove" race car in Daytona
02.10.12  Ecorazzi | Leilani: Cove Race Car Doesn't Belong To Me, It Belongs to Dolphin Lovers
01.29.12  Speedfreaks Radio | Listen as Leilani Talks Dolphins, "The Cove" and Daytona with Speedfreaks
01.05.12  Huffington Post | Racing for Dolphins: "The Cove" Hits Daytona!
01.04.12  Ecorazzi | Leilani Münter Fundraising for "The Cove" Themed Race Car
12.12.11  Digital Journal | Famous NYC Building and Taiji's Infamous Cove Both Turn Red
12.12.11  Examiner | Empire State Building Goes Red to Raise Awareness for Dolphin Tragedy
12.12.11  Huffington Post | The Empire Strikes Back: National Icon Shines Bright Light on Dolphin Slaughters
12.11.11  Ecorazzi | Empire State Building Goes Red for Dolphins
12.10.11  Dolphin Project | Empire State Building in Red for Dolphins
12.10.11  Asian Scientist | Empire State Building Lights Up in Red for Dolphins of the Cove
12.10.11  Contemporary and Modern Art | The Cove Turns Empire State Building Red
12.08.11  Ecorazzi | Ric O'Barry, Leilani Münter, Louie Psihoyos, John Leguizamo to Light Empire State Building for Dolphins
12.08.11  Dolphin Project | Empire State Building to Light Up for the Dolphins
12.01.11  Motorsports Authority | Passion and Soul: Leilani Münter Driven by Racing and Saving the Environment
11.30.11  The Podium Finish | In the Driver's Seat with Leilani Münter
11.12.11  Farm Sanctuary | Race Car Driver Leilani Münter Hosting 25th Anniversary Celebration FOR the Turkeys
10.11.11  Ecology Global Network | Step Forward: Sleeping with the Enemy
10.06.11  Green Girl Minute Video | Ginna Kelly Interviews Race Car Driver Leilani Münter in Aspen
09.26.11  Laura Seydel | Heroines For the Planet
09.14.11  Huffington Post | The Cove Continues: Diary from Taiji (by Leilani Münter)
09.07.11  Suite 101 | First Dolphin Killing Reported at The Cove in Taiji
08.30.11  Treehugger | Ric O'Barry Forms Dolphin Project Team (by Leilani Münter)
07.28.11  LifePoint with Beverly Lewis | Leilani's Speech Earns Standing Ovation from Hundreds of Women
07.16.11  CNN Money | EPA Enlists NASCAR Star Leilani Münter for PSA
07.01.11  Eco Chick | Leilani Named Heroine of the Planet by Eco Chick: Talks BP Oil Spill, Racing, & Dolphins
06.30.11  Save Japan Dolphins | Ric O'Barry's Blog on The Cove Benefit in San Rafael with Louie Psihoyos, Leilani & Bob Weir
06.29.11  Entertainment Tonight | Leilani Makes Brief Appearance on ET From Her Old Job as Zeta-Jone's Double
06.22.11  San Rafael Patch | Stars Gather to Raise Awareness About Dolphin Cruelty
06.17.11  CBS Morning News | Leilani Stands Up for Saudi Women's Driving Rights
06.17.11  Marin Independent Journal | Racing Beauty Drives Fast, Lives Green
06.02.11  Tonic | Check Out Race Driver Leilani Münter's Bright Idea
06.02.11  Get Milkshake | Green, Fast, and Gorgeous
06.01.11  Sea Change Radio | Guests Leilani Münter and Ward Burton Fight for the Earth
05.25.11  Coco Eco Magazine | Untamed Women: Leilani Münter
04.20.11  Counterspill | Leilani Münter Joins the Intervention
04.07.11  Female Racing News | Interview with ARCA Driver & Eco Activist Leilani Münter
04.05.11  The Daily Beast | Body Doubles: Leilani's Past Work in the News
03.30.11  Love To Know | Five Amazing Female Race Car Drivers
03.18.11  Life By Me w/ Arianna Huffington, Desmond Tutu & more | Leilani's entry: THINK. (by Leilani Münter)
01.11.11  New York Times | A Green Race Car Driver With a Clean Conscience
11.18.10  Huffington Post | Creative Minds 2011: People We Expect Great Things From
11.17.10  EcoRazzi | Our Take on Newsweek's Top 10 Surprisingly Green
11.17.10  CocoEco Magazine | Leilani is one of 2010's Most Influential Women in Green
11.13.10  XtraNormal | Cartoon Inspired by Leilani's Interactions With Taiji Dolphin Hunter Private Space (by Leilani Münter)
11.08.10  Newsweek | Surprisingly Green People and Things
10.15.10  Treehugger | Leilani Münter's Shocking Footage of the Taiji Slaughterhouse
10.15.10  Huffington Post | A Look Inside the Taiji Slaughterhouse
10.14.10  Kansai News (video) | Internat'l Save Japan Dolphins Day at The Cove
10.13.10  Car Domain | Leilani Münter Battles Japan Dolphin Massacre
10.12.10  TBS Japan (video) | Activists Protest Dolphin Hunt in Taiji
10.12.10  Washington Post via AP | Japanese Fishing Village Kills Dolphins But Frees Young
09.28.10  Insider Racing News | Thanks to Leilani, Disabled Marine Achieves Dream
09.28.10  Female Racing News | Leilani Returns to ARCA Series with a Message
09.22.10  VegNews | Leilani Talks About Her Experience at The Cove in Taiji, Japan
09.08.10  Huffington Post | This NASCAR Driver Fuels Up on Tofurky
09.02.10  Leilani Made the Front Page CNN | She's Racing to Save the Environment
09.02.10  Japan Today | Day of the Dolphin: Leilani & Ric O'Barry at US Embassy in Tokyo
09.01.10  Green Heroes TV | Leilani Featured as "Green Hero" in New Series
08.29.10  Video | Leilani's bro-in-law, Grateful Dead's Bob Weir, Joins Fight for Dolphins
08.27.10  Leilani on Huffington Post | Blood Still Flows at the Cove
08.26.10  Vegetarian Star | Vegetarian Racer Headed to Deadly Cove in Japan
08.26.10  Leilani on Treehugger | Blood Still Flows at The Cove
08.02.10  US Department of Energy | Aiming to Green NASCAR's Future
07.31.10  Sierra Club Radio | Interview with Sierra Club Radio on Oil Spill, Clean Energy
07.23.10  Leilani on Huffington Post | Pro Athletes Visit Spill, Say No More Drilling
07.14.10  MSNBC Video | Leilani Discusses the Oil Spill from the Gulf Coast with MSNBC
07.14.10  People's World | No More "Drill, baby drill" say Pro Athletes
07.13.10  Sierra Magazine | Pro Athletes Tour the Gulf, Share Thoughts
07.07.10  Discovery Planet Green Video | Leilani Featured in New TV Series 'Fast Forward'
06.23.10  Experience Life Magazine | Leilani is Experience Life Magazine's Cover Girl (cover story)
06.23.10  Experience Life Video | Behind the Scenes Footage of Leilani's Cover Photo Shoot
06.23.10  Green Right Now | Eco Smart Racer Münter Brakes for the Environment
06.15.10  NASCAR Business Examiner | Eco Racer Bringing Green Businesses to NASCAR
06.10.10  Huffington Post | Thirteen Dolphins Ready, Waiting to Go Free (by Leilani Münter)
06.05.10  Discovery Channel | Leilani Munter Is Our #1 Eco Athlete (video)
06.02.10  Yahoo Healthy Living | Leilani Münter: Life is short. Race hard. Live green.
05.31.10  Eco Stilleto | Eco Celebrity of the Month: Leilani Münter
05.29.10  Skirts & Scuffs | Women in Motorsports Interview: Making a Difference
05.24.10  Huffington Post | This is Our Clean Energy Wake Up Call. Will We Answer? (by Leilani Münter)
05.20.10  WFO Radio w/ Joe Castello | Leilani Talks About Oil Spill
05.07.10  Post Bulletin | Rochester Native Aiding in Relief Efforts After Oil Spill
05.06.10  NWF Video | Watch Leilani's National Wildlife Federation Gulf Coast Oil Spill PSA
05.05.10  Globe & Mail | Louisiana's Dread from Wetland to Wasteland
05.04.10  NWF PhotoStream | NWF Ambassador Leilani Münter talks w/ Rachel Maddow
05.02.10  FOX News | Leilani's Interview on FOX News from Gulf Coast
05.02.10  SpeedFreaks Radio | Leilani Talks to SpeedFreaks From the Gulf Coast Oil Spill
03.26.10  AltaTerra | NASCAR's "Carbon Free Girl"
03.12.10  ARCA Racing | Münter on the March: From U of W to Hollywood
03.10.10  pressdog | Why Leilani is a Brand Even if She Doesn't Think So
03.08.10  pressdog | Young Drivers Know You Need Dough to Go
03.03.10  Green Daily | Leilani Münter, Delightfully Green Paradox & Eco Hero
03.03.10  EcoDivas TV | Leilani, Jim Cameron & Ric O'Barry - Global Green Pre Oscar Party
03.03.10 | Women Drivers Using Femininity to Market Themselves
03.01.10  Green Bay Press Gazette | On "Jumbo Shrimp" & "Environmentalist Race Drivers"
02.23.10  Inside Green Bay | Leilani Münter Speaking at University of Wisconsin
02.17.10  ARCA Nation | Grateful Dead Guitarist Bob Weir Hangs in ARCA Garage
02.10.10  The Atlantic | Exile in Greenville by Liz Phair
02.10.10  Sporting News Magazine | 50 Most Beautiful People in NASCAR
02.08.10  Post Bulletin | Münter Derailed by Wreck at Daytona
02.06.10  New York Times | With Patrick in Foreground, Other Women Drive On
02.06.10  Bleacher Report | Daytona 500 Preview Slideshow
02.06.10  Yahoo Sports | Believe It or Not, There Are Other Women Racing Besides Danica
02.06.10  Yahoo Sports | Daytona Pre Race: Danica Patrick Talks About Loaning Leilani Her HANS Device
02.06.10  pressdog | Leilani Münter Gets Monster New York Times Air
02.05.10  Rubbings Racing Radio | Interview with Leilani Right After Qualifying
02.05.10  WESH TV Florida Video | Ladies Shine at Daytona Speedweeks
02.05.10  Planet Green | Leilani Münter is the World's First Green Race Car Driver
02.05.10  Final Lap Radio | Danica Patrick Not the Only Woman in the Spotlight
02.05.10  Post Bulletin | Rochester Native Leilani Münter to Make Daytona Debut
02.05.10  ARCA Racing | Danica Talks About Loaning Leilani her HANS
02.05.10  Savannah Now | Ladies, Start Your Engines
02.04.10  Speedway Media | Münter, Red Hot ARCA Driver, Making a Green Difference
02.03.10  NativeEnergy | NativeEnergy Addresses the Doubters
01.29.10  UCSD Magazine | Green Speed Racer Leilani Münter (cover story)
01.25.10  Goodlifer | Interview with Carbon Free Girl Leilani Münter
01.12.10  Bleacher Report | Going Green with ARCA Series Racer Leilani Münter
01.10.10  Press Pass Inc | Leilani Gets Her Own NASCAR Trading Card
01.05.10  Rowdy Podcast | Leilani's Guest Appearance on Rowdy
01.03.10  Advanced Biofuels | Ladies & Green Racing at Daytona
12.27.09  Element of Speed | Fast Girls, Fast Cars
12.20.09  YouTube Video | Leilani & Danica Drafting Sunday
12.20.09  ARCA Series Video | ARCA Drafting Sunday
12.19.09  ARCA Series Video | Interview with Leilani on Friday
12.19.09  Insider Racing News | Leilani Münter More Than Ready for Success
12.19.09  Daytona News Journal | There Are 9 Other Women Here
12.07.09  pressdog | Holiday Q & A with Leilani
11.16.09  Goodlifer | The Future is Bright, Green and Filled with Opportunity
10.27.09  Sporting News | Leilani Is #6 In NASCAR's 50 Most Beautiful People (cover)
10.25.09  Shape Magazine | Leilani Our November Issue's Fitness Inspiration
10.04.09  pressdog | Leilani Goes On Record with pressdog
09.10.09  Owl & Spade | Never Underestimate A Vegetarian Hippie Chick (cover story)
09.01.09  Commerce Magazine | Racing's Carbon Free Crusdader (cover)
08.01.09  Builder Architect Magazine | Going Green, Going Fast (cover)
06.29.09  E, The Environmental Magazine | Behind the Greens with Leilani Münter
06.17.09  Mountain Xpress | The Green Scene
06.14.09  Reader's Digest | America's Best Green Speed Demon
06.09.09  Grist | Leilani Named #1 BadAss Green by
05.12.09  AutoBlog Green | Viking Rally Rolls Out with Royalty & Race Drivers
05.08.09  Viking Rally | Eco Racer to Drive in Norway's Viking Rally
05.05.09  VG Norway | Female Race Car Driver Joins Climate Rally
04.27.09  Girls Can't What | Racing Superstar Leilani Münter Makes a Pit Stop
03.30.09  Glamour Magazine | Meet Your 70 Eco Heroes
03.30.09  Glamour Magazine | Leilani: Why I Care
03.27.09  LKN Magazine | Leilani Münter's Race to Save the World (cover story)
03.27.09  Charlotte Observer | She's Racing Hard While Living Green
02.05.09  Ecorazzi |Leilani Wants NASCAR to Go Green, Can it Be Done?
02.01.09  Bleacher Report | Leilani Münter - Woman, Racecar Driver, Environmentalist?
01.12.09  Cinefocus | Green Heroes TV Heads South to Profile Eco Racer Leilani Münter
01.02.09  Guest Blog | ESPN, SI Puzzled by pressdog Ratings (by Leilani Münter)
12.29.08  Vegetarian Star | Leilani Münter Assembling Eco Dream Team
12.27.08  NPR Interview | Driver Wants NASCAR to Go Green
12.27.08  Tampa Bay | Race Car Driver Promotes Environmental Awareness
12.23.08  Vegetarian Star: Race Driver Münter Knows Carbon Offsets Aren't Panacea
12.09.08  Sustainable Brands International | Leilani Chats with SBi
12.05.08  Midweek | Leilani is Our Carbon Free Cover Girl (cover story)
11.11.08  Vegetarian Star | Racer Leilani Münter Shares Vegan Shoe Problems
10.27.08  AutoBlogGreen | Racing Environmentalist Forming Eco Dream Team
10.27.08  Canadian Business | Canada in 2020 - Energy: Mr. Clean
09.16.08  pressdog | Leilani Münter Gets Lucky
08.12.08  pressdog | Leilani Takes Her Tree Hugger Team Crusade to Huffington Post
08.11.08  Huffington Post | My Race to Save the Planet (by Leilani Münter)
08.08.08  pressdog | Leilani Münter Going Green
08.06.08  CBS/WBTV Video | Driver Promoting Green Technology on the Racetrack
07.28.08  Vegetarian Star | Racer Münter Self Described "Vegetarian Hippie Chick"
07.27.08  Winston Salem Journal | Münter Has An Eco Dream for NASCAR
07.26.08  ESPN Magazine | Green Means Go
07.17.08  Womens Wear Daily | Lucky Jeans Picks Dreamers for Ad Campaign
06.20.08  MLN Sports | Can Leilani Combine Her Need For Speed & Being Green?
06.02.08  TMZ | Racerchick to TMZ: Suck my Exhaust!
05.22.08  Indy 500 Program | Leilani Featured in Historical Program
05.05.08  Rochester Magazine | Leilani is Our Cover Girl Again (cover story)
03.10.08  Charlotte Observer | Driver Münter Takes on Global Warming
03.09.08  National Wildlife Federation President | No Stopping Leilani Münter
03.05.08  Senator Lugar PR | Senator Lugar Discusses Biofuels with Leilani Münter
03.06.08  Washington Post | Race Car Driver Aims to Put Brakes on Global Warming
02.25.08  Indy Pro Racer | Leilani Talks Cars, Guys & Green
02.04.08  Italian L'Uomo Vogue | Sexy and Smart, She Drives for Ecology
12.20.07 | Münter Earns Test with IndyCar Team
12.19.07  Panther Racing | IndyCar Team Impressed with Münter, Chesson
12.13.07  Panther Racing | Münter Earns Test with IndyCar Team
10.26.07 | Münter Going Green
09.07.07  Frontstretch | Leilani Makes Short Work of Steep Learning Curve
09.03.07  IndyProRacer | Leilani Building Towards Long Future in Open Wheel Racing
08.24.07  My Name is IRL | Jeff Reports on Friday from Infineon
08.21.07  pressdog | Leilani Goes on Record about her Umlaut & more
08.14.07  Indy Insider YouTube | Leilani Post Race Incident Video- She's Upset
08.12.07 | Münter Impresses in Veterans in Debut
08.11.07  USA Today | Leilani Lands a Starring Role in Indy Pro Debut
08.11.07  Cincinnati Enquirer | Leilani is the Surprise of the Day
08.10.07 | Jaques Lazier Coaches Münter to 5th Place Qualifying Effort
08.09.07  IndyCar Magazine | Check out the Aug 07 issue of IndyCar Magazine
08.08.07  pressdog | Münter Forcing Online Writes to Come to Terms with Umlaut
08.08.07 | Münter's Major Move
08.01.07  NYC Times Square | Big Apple, Meet Leilani
07.31.07 | Münter Signs with Champions SSM and SMART Papers
07.23.07  ESPN | Münter Featured on ESPN Ultimate NASCAR
07.10.07  InTune Magazine | More Than Just a Pretty Face (cover story)
06.14.07  New York Post | Hot Wheels
05.24.07  Frontstretch | Münter Makes Splash in Andretti's Old Car
05.17.07 | Münter Passes Rookie Test
05.15.07 | Leilani Preps for Indy Pro Series Debut
04.13.07  Sports Illustrated | SI Names Münter in Top Ten Female Drivers of 07
02.16.07  Maxim | Maxim Names Münter One of Three Women Closest to Cup
12.20.06 | Münter's Daytona Test Makes Front Page
10.02.06  Corvette Quarterly | Leilani Image Named Among Best Ever Since '53
09.07.06  Stock Car City | Münter Ends One Season, Prepares for Next
08.26.06  Frontstretch | Leilani Racing to the Top with Dignity
07.27.06  Speedworld Magazine | Rookie Mania (cover story)
06.15.06 | Münter Sets New Female Mark
04.15.06  Autogrrrl | Q & A with Leilani Münter
11.25.05  FOX Sports | NASCAR "Race Diva", Danica Join Forces
11.22.05  Brandweek | Charlie's Angels? Or Hostess Race Divas?
11.17.05 | Konica Minolta, Leilani Join Forces
09.30.05  Book | Leilani Featured in "Day in the Life of the American Woman"
08.31.05  Rochester Magazine | Drive Time (cover story)
08.15.05  Charlotte Magazine | Leilani Update
01.21.05  Corvette Quarterly Magazine | Desert Dreams (cover story)
09.17.04 | TRIMSPA Saves Stock Car Sweetheart
06.16.04  Late Model Digest | Munter Has Solid Texas Outing
06.01.04  American Thunder Magazine | The Girl's No Model, She's a Race Car Driver
05.26.04  Dallas Star Telegram | Chat Room with Leilani Münter
05.02.04  Wales Online | 'Zeta's No Diva', Says Body Double
04.19.04  Washington Post | Speed Channel Ad
04.09.04 | Leilani Puts Our Hearts In Overdrive
04.01.04 | FHM Magazine to Sponsor Münter at Texas
03.31.04 | Nadeau, There and Back Again (by Leilani Münter)
03.10.04 | Reeling in Catfish Tales (by Leilani Münter)
02.15.04  Danville Register & Bee | Driving Ambition
01.18.04 | Times Are Changing (by Leilani Münter)
01.15.04  San Diego Union Tribune | I Just Want To Drive
01.09.04 | Leilani Signs with
09.01.03  FHM | FHM Magazine: "Hottest Woman In NASCAR"
01.30.03  Bristol Herald Courier | Runways To Speedways
01.23.03  NASCAR Cup Scene | The New Face of NASCAR
12.01.02  Charlotte Magazine | Spinning Her Wheels (cover story)
10.01.02  Men's Journal | Leilani Named "America's Sexiest Race Car Driver"
08.19.02  ESPN Magazine | Star Turns
04.01.02  Esquire Magazine | Leilani Named "A Woman We Love"

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